Foreign Exchange

Hi, I am having a problem with exchange rates. Our company deals with Canadian and US dollars. When I run the adjust exchange rate function it does not flow through to the general ledger properly. The A/P and A/R subledgers are updated properly but the GL does not reconcile to the subledgers. Quite often the A/P is not even updated when I run the adjust function. We were told by our software supplier not to set up the company to post in an additional currency. Do we have to be set up to post in an additional currency for the general ledger to be updated when I adjust the currency rates??? Candace

Dear Candance, quite funny thing. Can you please give us your Navision version you are currently using. Anyway, you should be able to post in an additional currency. But be aware, the exchange rate adjustment does not care about your department and projects codes. Read you soon Walter

Hi Walter, We are using version US 2.01B (US 2.50). Let me clarify the issue. We are not set up to report in additional currency but deal with US and CDN currency. Should we be set up to report in additional currency? Will this allow exchange rate adjustments to flow through to the GL properly? Is the adjustment based on the Relational Exch. Rate Amount or the Relational Adjmt Exch Rate? Help. Candace

Candace / Walter - The additional reporting currency is causing occasional GL inconsistencies and is limited to the Canadian version of Navision. This has been confirmed by Navision Canada and Navision US and is related to currency exchange and sales taxes (the Sales Tax Calculate codeunit is different in Canada). We are currently testing a beta fix released from Navision Canada that may resolve the issue. Regards, Floyd Chan, Senior Solutions Developer Axentia Solutions Corp.

Hi Floyd, Do inconsistencies happen if a company is not set up to report in an additional currency? My main issue is that we are not set up to report in additional currency and therefore the GL may be be revalued properly when adjusting the US exchange rate. Candace

Floyd, I meant the GL may be revalued improperly when adjusting the US exchange rates. Candace