Exchange rate adjustment - problems


Our finance folks have realised that in february a couple of invoices were posted with incorrect exchange rate .They were payed and posted but in the books they look bad.

Of course we need to clean them up .

I understand that there is a batch job for adjusting the exchange rates for these items, so I wanted to use that .Before trying to do this we had to unapply entries since they wouldn’t show up for the batch.

However when I try to run this job , I see some strange results (runnign in test mode ):

  1. We want to clear Vendor items that have got booking date of feb 11. so I set 01.01 for staring date and feb. 11. for ending date and posting date also jan.30 This brings up nothing ! (even if the starting date is empty) (what date is it looking at then ?)

  2. So I started to play with the starting date and the end date and increased the end date . this case it picks up the invoices even before the ones I need. But the exchange rate can be used is only the one from the posting date .

Questions :

  • How do i narrow down the window of adjustment to the documents I need ? Because one set of documents can have one exhange rate.
  • Do I have to look for each combination of exhange rate to run the batch for ? Sound a bit cumbersome.

Hope this makes sense , does it ? :slight_smile:

thanks in advance,


If you have outstanding invoices I would recommend crediting them at the same exchange rate, then reissuing them at the correct exchange rate and then applying the payments.

Not sure where the currency differences are and what they are paying so difficult to comment here, but the purpose of the routine is to revalue your ledgers, restate them in ONE currency, so it makes no sense to limit the run, it would create accountancy inaccuracies that would be difficult to reconcile when looking at one figure.

hi ,

this is just a clarifiycation :

Apperently the exchange rate adjustment report doesn’t check the posting date it must be checking some other date .Thus its difficult to narrow down the dates without amending the report (we did add an extra filter ) .

After the change it does work fine !

Thanks for the help !