Problem Scraping a return order

I’m having problems with scraping a return order after receipt of the item. Once the item is recieved, it is processed through the arrival overview, Start Arrival is done then Functions > Show arrival from receipts. The item is placed in quarantine, a quality order is created and completed then the quarantine order has disposition set to Scrap. The quarantine order is then ended.

The result is another entry shows up in the Arrival Overview, selecting packing slip returned, we can’t click the Srap or Close checkbox. and when attempting to post it I get the error:

Inventory dimension Location is a primary input/output dimension and must consequently be specified.

There is a warehouse and location assigned to the item in the lines tab. When I attempt to go to the sales order and process the invoice I get a different error:

No lines for posting or quantity = 0

In this case the quantity is -1 so I can’t close out the sales order. The end result is I now have open transactions in the Arrival Overview, Open Sales Orders, and Open return orders that I can’t close. Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks, Jerry

Can you define your process?

Item is place in quarantine - how?

The quarantiven order disposition code is set how? What is teh configuration of this code?

Is teh Arrival overview entry showing the original transaction?

Is the location defined on the inventory transaction - is the quarantine transaction closed?

While in Arrival Overview we start arrival. We then go to journals > Show arrival for receipts. In the Location Journal Screen, we click on Lines and go to the General Tab. There we check the Quarantine Management checkbox then go to the Overview tab and select the quarantine warehouse with the location as an Inbound Dock. We do not enter a disposition code at this time.

We then have inspection open the Quarantine Order and select Inquiries > Quality Orders, select the Test Group, enter the quantity and press OK to create the Quality Order. The test are then run and in our case, one test fails. We create a non conformance, approve it, and close it. We then validate the Quality order.

In the Quarantine order we go to the General tab and enter a dispostion code of scrap then end the Quarantine order.

If we go to the Arrival Overview, we can see the item there again, this time with the quarantine warehouse but the item is posted. If we select Functions > Packing Slip Returned we get the Packing Slip Posting Screen. Going to the Lines tab, we see that the warehouse and location are set to the picking location. We can not select either the close or scrap checkboxes on this screen. If we press OK, we get the error “Inventory dimension Location must be specified.”.

If we go to the sales order and press Posting > Invoice there are no lines. If we try and add the lines we cannot. We now have several return orders that are stuck. Their showing up in Arrival Overview and we can’t close the invoices so we have open sales orders and we have open return orders that can’t be closed.

Any ideas on how to process this correctly and how to colose our existing open orders would be great.

Thanks, Jerry

Sorry one more question - which version? [:D]



Hi Adam,

The version is AX 2009. I also didn’t give you the answers to some of your questions, they are:

Question: What is the configuration of the disposition code?
Answer: The disposition code scrap is defined as:
Disposition Code: Scrap
Action: Scrap
Discription: Scrap Item
Misc Charges: None
External Codes: None

Question: Is the Arrival overview entry showing the original transaction?
Answer: Yes, as soon as we post the Show arrival from receipts the item is removed from Arrival Overview. Once we complete the Quarantine order it reappears on the Arrival Overview.

Question: Is the location defined on the inventory transaction?
Answer: We have the locations defined in Warehouse Items and it is set as follows:
Warehouse: RAW
Default receipt location: 3D03
Default issue location: 3D03
Picking location: 3D03
We found that if you don’t set all three to the actual location, AX does not show the location the item is to be placed in during the receiving process. The way we have it setup, the arrival overview shows the location the item should be placed in inventory. When we specify Quarantine we have to change the warehouse to a quarantine warehouse and we use a location that is an inbound dock.

Thanks, Jerry

Hi Jerry

The same does not happen for me I am afraid, so you will need to go back to your partner.

I follow everything you do to end the quarantine order as scrap. Back in the arrival overview it is there only until I process the receipt against the order, which then closes off all of the stock transactions for quarantine. I get no location message and everything seems to process through correctly. The quality and non-conformance have no inventory impact so I skipped them unless you think they are relevant?

So have you processed the receipt? The arrival overview quarantine management puts the received stock into quarantine, so after the arrival journal you have to delivery note update the order to close everything off. I then get no invoicing problems of course.