retur order - disposition code scrap

Hi team,

I created a return order and I chose’’ scrap’’ as disposition code, at validation of picking slip error message appears saying’’ Production number is not specified’’? is there a specific setting has to do for disposition code’’ scrap’’ ?

thank’s in advance

I would say this is non-standard and there is a modification impact here. Can you debug it?


firstly, thank you for the reply

it’s full standard !! what it seems you nonstandard ?

You do not need to define a production order to scrap a sales return. It could have bene purchased, it is an error that would not be called as a standard process.

Can you post a screen shot of the error please?


below a screen shot of the message error
Sans titre.JPG

Have you specified a quarantine number sequence in the stock parameters?

The quarantine order usually triggers a quality order also, I think you should close the quality order as rejected or if not, close the quarantine order before picking slip the return order.