Return orders in AX 2009

Hello all,

I have been testing the AX 2009 return order functionality. For some reason, when I set to receive the returned item to Quarantin warehouse, it complains the item picking location stating location xxx is not a picking location for the item.

I know this is a new functionality added to AX 2009, but has anyone made it to work. My requirement is any item from sales return order, that needs to be Quarantined then inspect and recieve into stocking warehouse/locations.

Any help/guidence on this is greatly appreciated.


Is location xxx a picking location?

When is this happening? You process the arrival journal then process the delivery note?

I think I figured out the issue the picking location…it appears to me that the system does not allow the returned item to be received to any location, but requires it to be received at its default location.

To answer your question- I am starting the arrival process which creates IAJ which is item arrival journal - then assign the warehouse and location to the line. I am not finding the delivery note option on returns.

I am still having other questions like- at the receiving of the return items…I am using the system to create quarrantine order if the item needs to be inspected. Once the quarantine order is created, after the due process of inspection, assign disposition code etc and close the quarrantin order. Here, if the item is to be scarpped or repaired, the quarrantine order only allow to assign the disposition code but does not scarp or create a repair order. Where do I go to connect these?

Any suggestions?


Hi ,

In Quarantine orders function button there is an option to scrap.Either entire or part

Hi Sudhakar,

Here is what I see happening SCRAP option from Quarrantine order:

1 If a quarrantine order is created automatically by checking the Quarrantine management option from IAJ, then the Quarrantine order is created with STATUS of START. In this option, the Fuction button does not have the Scrap option active- it is grayed out, meaning the user can not choose the scrap fuction.

  1. When a quarrantine order is created mannually, then the order status is CREATED, here you can select the scrap option from Function button, but when you select Ok, the system error with the following infolog;

“Quarantine order xxxxxxx has incorrect status”.

Am I missing something here?



I am also interested to know how the Return Order process works. I added some comment for a white paper/ documentation on Customer Source. But as ever - no reponse from the team there. My implementation partner can help, but that costs me a fortune…and in most situations it might work half and then I need to pay more to get in finally work.

It would help significantly if there is some documenation to get at least the same use of definitions and the process flow. Does anybody have such document? Next the process flow needs to be implemented and used.

Any help appreciated.


You should have access to customersource and the trade and logisitics manuals for 2009 have the process flow and information in them at a basic level.

Dear AdamRoue,

Thank you for your reply. Do you have a direct link to the manual? I have customer source, but I do not see it easily.


Nope because I do not have customersource [:D]

Using the search box for customersource search for “Course Number 80024” (80025 is the second manual).

Here is the direct link for the document Adam was talking about. You will need to log in to customer source to be able to download though.

Hope it helps.

Thank you. Downloaded. I will have a look.