Problem invoicing part shipments

Hi, Running Navision 2.60, placed a sales order for an item qty of 10, shipped 5 from bin 1, then changed the bin code to bin 2 for the remaining 5 and shipped them also, now when I try to invoice the shipments from the sales order screen, I’m receiving the error “Bin Code must be 2 in sales shipment line 10000 etc.” Now I have found that in CU80 there is a testfield on ‘Bin Code’ on the shipment line to match the bin code on the sales line - hence, the error message, what would be the impact of commenting out this line of code as it doesn’t seem to be in versions 3.6 or 3.7? Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. Thanks - Mike.

You will have to post an invoice for each bin - or at least a line per bin - in order to get the correct inventory value for each bin. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Set “Qty. to invoice” to the quantity from first shipment, and post, after that post the 2. shipment
  • create a new invoice and use the “Get shipment lines” function to create the 2 lines (one for each shipment)
  • Use “Combine Shipments” from the periodic activities
    The check on bin code has been removed in 3.60 / 3.70 because the field has been redefined, and no longer applies to the inventory, but rather the Warehouse Management.

Hi, I remeember when Bins came in with 2.00 - They were a pain for this kind of thing[B)]. I would not recomend that you remove the testfield - Testing this on my copy here, if you do this, your Invoiced Quanity on the Item ledger Entries will not balance by Bin. This could cause problems at a later date. Instead, I would use the Combine Shipments batch job instead. This creates an Invoice line per shipment on one Invoice. Not as tidy as just one line, but seems to be OK. You may wish to change the batch job itself, though. For some strange reason it takes the bin code off the Sales Order and not the Sales Shipment Lines (So the last bin code comes through for all the lines). Hope this is of some help.