How to post only invoice without shipment

hi. all

I’d like to post only invoice without shipment for sales order

Please, Can you enlighten me on this problem ?

Use a Sales Invoice, not a Sales Order (“Sales & Marketing”/“Order Processing”/Invoices).

And, if checked, remember to uncheck field Shipment on Invoice in “Sales & Marketing”/Setup/“Sales & Receivables Setup”.

This is a very common request in Navision, especially for companies that have Job Lot type invoicing. Many companies rely on this for cash flow, say in the case where you have shipped $49,000 of a $50,000 order, but you can nly invoice the exact amount, so you could wait a month for $50,000 just for a small item that has not shipped.

Its quite easy to do in Navision, you can do it manually and then just create a special form of the invoice report, or you can automate the whole thing. (I have done both).

First you ship as much as possible to the client. (Of course in some cases this will be nothing, but it works either way).

You now create two new lines on the order. They are type GL, and they both post to the same account “Advance Invoicing” etc.
The lines are identical except for qty, 1 on the first line, -1 on the second line.
The amount on this line you get by pressing F9, and find the difference between Amount on Order, and Amount Shipped. Enter this difference into both amount fields.

Now on the first line, set Qty to Ship = 1 and Qty to invoice = 1
On the second line set Qty to ship = -1 and qty to invoice = 0
DON’T get that bit wrong.

Now post the invoice, which will be for the full amount.

Once you ship the items, post the remainder, and since this amount will be the same as the second gl line (except minus) the next invoice will be zero. But it will reverse out the accruals automatically.

I have had this request many time, and resolved it many ways, but this is IMO the best solution. If you want you can make a function to automatically create the GL lines, and modify the invoice to look nice. For example, most clients want to list all the items on the invoice but with no price, since its a job lot.


we created a link from a sales invoice to the sales order header. Posting the sales invoice to a pre-payment G/L then when you post the sales order make the posting to the same pre-payment G/L but with the negative value…

Result no transfer to debtors (already done on the pre-payment invoices)

Stock and cost of sales actioned.

real neat solution…

add to this provisons against costs of sales using resources, and recovery… oh I’m in heaven (only kidding) but the pre-payment solution is pretty straight forward when you …sit… and think about it…