Partially invoicing a sales order

Navision seems to work with a concept where every sales order that has been shipped must be invoiced in full i.e. if quantity 10 of an item is ordered and you ship 10, then 10 must be invoiced. However, the nature of my business says says often the customer will not be invoiced for all of the shipped goods, and the stock is not returned so never goes back into stock. I just want to complete the order really and remove it from the sales order tables. Can Navision be setup to handle this in some way? I don’t really want to use the Order Returns function as I believe this returns to stock, and it is another document that our users have to raise for a large percentage of the 1000 orders or so we raise each day. TIA

Hi I presume it is a consumable/sale or scrap scenario - you ship 10, if they sell 7 you only invoice for 7 and the 3 are thrown away and never returned? Nothin simple in teh standard software I am afraid and this will need to be a meaty modification. I presume the customer tells you what they have used against the order? In standard Navision there are a few clumsy manual methods, for instance you would need to ship the 10, then run the undo shipment, ship 7 and invoice seven and then correct your stock. Or manaully alter the unit price to reflect the proportion of the order invoiced. In your scenario as I think it probably is you will need to capture the sold amount - invoice the full quantitiy in Navision to ensure your stock and costing is correct, work out the amount on the actual sold quantitiy and report the sold quantity on the invoice - doesn’t look very clean, but I am not a developer so would hate to comment really [:D]

It’s true that quantity shipped must equal quantity invoiced, and as Steven points out that there is no straightforward solution. Another idea might be to use the Line Discount, this way not affecting the unit price, but overall amount will be lower. There might be some development necessary to make this discount calculation easier, e.g. an additional field where you enter the quantity that should be invoice and the field Line discount will be updated accordingly. Another solution might be to split the item into 2 lines, though you need to know before shipping how many units will be invoiced. The second line would go with unit price 0. Again, a littel customization might help to duplicat the sales line. Saludos Nils

And a more simple way… why not making a credit memo for the items not invoiced? Sales order = 10 units. Shipped = 10. Invoiced = 10. Credit Memo = 3 units. Without using the return memo and without receiving the units… Another option is creating an invoice, getting the shipment lines using the Get Shipment Lines function and adding a negative line for the ones that you’re not invoicing. something like item no. qty. qty. to invoice myitem0001 10 10 myitem0001 -3 -3

Try invoicing the 7 units and posting, Then change the unit price to 0.00 for the last 3, add a comment to the description and invoice them. The cost will properly reduce the profit. I just tested in 3.7 and it worked.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far. At the moment, developing something based on the suggestion from Tom looks most applicable. The problem is, assuming the example above, the customer would only want to see a quantity of 7 on their invoice. For example, using the credit memo suggestion would mean the customer would receive an invoice with quantity 10, and a credit memo for the missing 3, which is unfortunately not acceptable in this scenario.

I think Tom’s solution is the best bet. It will create two invoices (one for 7 and one for 3). The Customer doesn’t have to see the Invoice for 3 (Valued at $0).