Problem with values in Purchase Line


I have problem with posting one of our invoice. I get error “You cannot post this lines because you have not entered quantity on …”. When I checked in purchase line table, I found very strange thing :

This order should be partially invoiced (10000 pcs of 12000) but in one column “Quantity invoiced” is value 10000 (OK) and in second column “Qty. invoiced (base)” is value 12000.

I don’t know how it happens but this is very strange.

Do you have any idea how to solve this issue?

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See if u have different purchase unit of measure than base unit of measure.

check PO qty and afterward warehouse reqt qty it may be cause of unit of measure.

Unit measures are ok. In the value entries table there is also wrong qty. but costs are ok.

Any other ideas?

you need to investigate Item Unit of Measure (conversion). It tells you something like; base unit of measure for the item is 1, and other unit of measure of the item is 1.2.

you need to open Item Unit of Measure (not Unit of Measure table).

I checked all tables with measures and everywhere is 1 piece.


You seem to know about UOM’s and stuff.

But are there any modifications in you NAV? Perhaps codeunit 80 or 22…
Could be an error in the standard application; which application-version (objects) are you using?

NAV 3.70

There are no modification in CU 80 and 22.

Sorry, no bell is ringing here.

Have been working with several NAV-versions - never experiencing that problem. And 3.70 was (and still is) a “good”, the 3.70b at least.
But I have neve worked that much with Warehouse - only quite plain Purchase and Sale; if you are using Warehouse (picks and put-aways) - could it be something there?
Do you use Reservation or Drop Shipment/Special Order? Using those two cause posting of a [purch] shipment when posting the connected sales order. I have used theese two functions, but without any problems.

As we can’t find any resolution for my problem, I did manual change on two columns in purchase line table.

And now everything looks fine.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Piotr Rudziak,

To my understanding u have changed manually at purchase tables but how about all other tables effected .

Direct change in tables is not advised.


Rajasekhar Reddy


I know that I shouldn’t make changes in table but we must post this order.

I did it on test database before and after posting values in other tables were changed properly.

There is no good resolution for this problem as for now.

I spent on investigation many hours without any effects.

If you have any other ideas please share them with me.





this is not a standard Navision error message. Is this the exact message, or did you translate it? If this is the exact message, then my guess is that this is a customization and that could indicate the reason for the error. If this is the case you need to talk to your partner to have them rectify it.

Try entering 2000 (12000 less 10000 pcs) in the Column entitled “Qty. to Invoice”.

The bad values were changed to proper one manually in tables and now everything is ok.

There is no good explanation why this problem occurred.

Thanks for help