Posted Sales Invoice Delete option


In Nav RTC Page 143, if i right click i can see delete option and i was surprised to see this option, because once any document is posted then it becomes historical data and should not be deleted.

Whereas in Page 142, i cannot see the delete option upon right click, I saw that both pages are of list Type, then why both behaviour is different. I want to remove this delete option from page 143 also. Could anyone help me on this.


Its a standard behaviour only

I am able to see delete option in both Pages 142 and 143.

If you want to delete that option then you need to set DeleteAllowed property to No in pages 130 and 132

Hi Mohana,

Thanks for the reply. Now when I changed the deleteallowed property to No in page 132, page 143 delete option is disappeared.

This is what i was looking for, thanks for the help.

Best Regards



According to laws your historical data have to be accessible for some time (in our country for at least 5 years).

But “accessible” dos not necessarily means “in NAV”.
“Accessible” may also be on paper.
But it is uauslly your (the the CFO’s) responsibility to be able to show documents on demand. [:)]

Hi John, Mohana,

I am trying to do the above thing, I am getting error that you don’t have permission to modify Sales Invoice Header on only page 132 while I have super roles and permission. It has been done only on page 143

Please suggest what else do I need to do…

I will wait for prompt reply.





Developer Licence should be upload for a while, while changing posted sale invoices/ purchase invoice only.

Thank you for sharing the solution Nitin.