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My Posted Invoice is some times is showing the Descrption is ‘Deleted Document’. Some times If i try to delete the Sales Invoice ,then the Invoice is showing the Posted Sales invoice before posting itself.Some times if i try to cancel the Posting and again i will delete the Sales Invoice then Same issue is in the Posted Invoice. When i delete the Sales Invoice Iam Getting the Message Like this"Deleting this Document will Cause a gap in the No.Series For Shipments. An Empty Shipment will be created" The main issue am getting is lost my Invoice NO because of inserting in to Posted Invoice

The ‘Deleted Document’ is Taken From the Source Code Setup.

What is the issue ??How can we rectify the above said issue?? Kindly Help me out!!!

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There are basically two reasons for this issue:

Option 1: You are using the same number series for invoice and posted invoice.
In this case the system will generate a “deleted document” in the posted invoices to prevent the gap which would appear otherwise in the numbers of the posted invoices.

Option 2: You are using different number series for invoices and posted invoices.
In this case you will get the “Gap” message if you have tried to post the invoice before deleting it.
Navision assigns the posted numbers (invoice and shipment) in the beginning of the posting process. Once the system has assigned the invoice/shipment number to the order/invoice, these numbers are not available to other orders/invoices anymore. Posting another order/invoice will force the system to assign the next number of the number series. When you later try to delete an order/invoice which has failed posting previously - the system needs to create the “deleted document” in the posted invoice/shipment table.

The more important question you should ask yourself and your users: Why do you need to delete that many invoices AFTER trying to post them anyway?

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Hi Thomas

I checked and Varified .The problem was the same.The Same No Series provided for Invoice and Posted Invoice

Many thanks for your information and i rectified the Issue.

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