Deleted sales invoice from these tables will deleted from all database or remaining tables

Hi guys IF i want to delete invoiced sales order then if i deleted from back end

i will deleted from these tables as following :

Sales Invoice Header

Sales Invoice Line

Customer Ledger Entry

Detail Customer Ledger Entry

G/l Entry

Are this as following True or False


Definitely false. When you find yourself thinking that this is both possible and a good idea, step away from the keyboard and, preferably, leave the building.

The way to recover from an incorrectly-posted invoice is with a reversing credit memo. Period.

It’s easy to think that having the tools with which to do this data edit is sufficient justification for actually doing it. It isn’t.

Are you talking about posted sales invoice or sales order which is lying due to partially posted ??

If it is invoiced then Why to delete the sales invoice from backend ? You can pass Credit Memo/Return order for the same which will nullify the effect …

For Invoiced Sales order you can delete it from IT Administration–> Data Deletion–> Sales Documents–> Delete Invoiced Sales orders.

P.S Don’t try to modify /delete the posted data from database which will make your database vulnerable and inconsistent.Try to follow the process for rectifying the data.

Thank you guys for reply but i but posted invoiced document that completely in voiced in :

it administration-data deletion-sales documents-deleted invoiced sales order report -then i write posted document sales invoice order but not do any thing why

Why i told you I want to delete data from these tables because my case as following :

I analysis the proplem i found it come as result to duplicate in Sales invoice No between two databases

Database A Database B

JE-PSI-008467 No JE-PSI-008467

JE-TC-002522 Customer no JE-TC-002552

When i make transfere data from database B to A it make this conflict so that in

Sales invoice header

JE-PSI-008467 JE-TC-002552 this after replaced

but true must be JE-PSI-008467 JE-TC-002522 because conflict happen because two orderes have same primary key in sales invoice header in No field

Sales invoice Line

JE-PSI-008467 JE-TC-002522

JE-PSI-008467 JE-TC-002552

How i remove this conflict so that my solution in above is to delete orderes come from Database B

from database A then modify it in B then import it again

So that How Can correct the proplem Now.


Have you check the Sales Qty whether it is same ??

From one order we can create different sales invoice having different/same Invoiced quantity . Checked the Quantity in Sales Invoice line for that order .

If you found duplicate Invoice then pass a credit memo rather than deleting it…

Thank you amol for replying but i face problem when you make credit memo to sales orders duplicated

Not forget you need to take it again from database B

This solution to give to me if i work in one database but when i transfer between two database have same primary key in sales invoice no

it will updated the data that come from database B and A will replaced

What are you exactly trying to do ?

Are your trying to cancel the sales invoice or Transfer from one DB to another ??

Why to transfer invoices from one db to another ???

So in order to address a situation in which development was not done properly, you are suggesting a fix that is not done properly? I know a few people on this forum who would like you to give them your customer’s phone number…