Deleting Posted Shipments _ Invoices

We have had NAV since 1999 and are looking to clean up some old data. We already have jobs that clean up the usual suspects such as Change Log, custom integration tables, credit cards data etc… (Yes I do want to talk about the date compression but that will be a separate post)

Next on the list are Posted Shipments and Posted Invoices. Both of these tables have a check in there to not allow deleting of records in these tables if “No Printed” = 0. I think this is some really weird funky logic. It should at least be based on an option in S&R Setup (like the “Allow Document Deletion Before” logic for Posted Invoices). Probably most people don’t ever print Posted Shipments (like us).

Anyway, I can certainly get around this by setting the “No. Printed” field to 1 on the records I want to delete, but I just wanted to reach out to see if anyone knows of any issues I might create by deleting some really old posted shipments and posted invoices?

Hi @JasonWilder,

You must not be afraid for this, there is nothing to fear about deleting old posted documents… the “No. Printed” is an error implemented in those days where all important documents were printed, but now most companies doesn’t print documents… perhaps are saved as PDF in a document management system (or locally).

The only issues you might have is if your company gets audited. Check with your auditor for the amount of data they expect to find.
In SaaS database capacity is very expensive, you are expected to implement retention policies for a decent performance and lower costs with Microsoft.