Post html with bitmap through e-mail

Hi all, I need to send the invoice saved as html via e-mail. The invoice has bitmap logo. When I open the file it loses the bitmap logo iven if i send bitmap also. I need to be able open html file from outlook with logo. Maybe it is possible save it in any other format that support this? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

You may want to check out the HTML printer driver from Amyuni Consultants ( We have good experiences with their PDF printer, which includes printing graphics in reports ( - see my other posts on this) and have a request running for evaluation of the HTML printer also. John

Thank you, Can I assign file name from Navision without SaveAs dialog? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Just to give you a hint on how you may tailor your solution. I have made a utility(exe and OCX) that handles the conversion of any text file into a HTML file or a PDF file. The utility is also able to include a company logo file(in both HTML and PDF). The workflow in my solution is: 1. Save your invoice etc. as a textfile 2. The utility converts file into HTML or PDF, and adds a logo file(jpg or gif) 3. Calling your mail system, and dispatch the E-mail with the file enclosed All of the above steps are done by a codeunit, so the process is fully automated. This could give you an idea on how to solve your problem. Regards Andreas

Thank you Andreas, I can create HTML and send it but, when client open it from e-male it does not have company logo. PDF is quite good solution but I need send about 1000 invoices and i need assign file name from report instead open SaveAs dialog. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi, Valentin… It looks like this is a problem with how your recipients’ email programs receive attachments. If you’re sending the logo file along with the HTML file, the logo will be displayed as long as the two files are stored in the same place. If you look in the HTML file, you should be able to find a line like this: <img SRC=“pic1.bmp” … >. This tells the browser or email reader to look for a graphics file named pic1.bmp in the current directory. So, for this to work, pic1.bmp must already be saved on disk in the current directory. As an example, when Outlook receives email with attachments, it immediately saves all attachments in a temporary directory. So, when you open the HTML invoice, the .bmp logo is already there in the same directory. Other email readers may not act the same way. For example, some readers may save the .bmp file in some directory, but interpret the HTML file in-line. In that case, if the current directory is not the one where the .bmp file was saved, then the logo won’t be found. There’s not much you can do about that. May I add that the missing logo may be a blessing in disguise. In my experience, the sizing of the logo gets all screwed up when you export it out of Navision. When I display the HTML invoice, the logo is enormous, and the text is all whacked. Schastlivo! --Greg

Valentin, Both PDF and HTML printer driver from Amyuni come with a utility called CDintf.dll which allows you to control lots of settings (filename, papersize, orientation and so on) through Automation from within your code. Using this in conjunction with printing without prompting in Navision, you can have reports generated without any user interaction (a nice feature for batch processing). Using PDF’s also has the advantage of being almost unchangeable, something you have to consider seriously when sending out invoices. John

Yes John, PDF driver works very good, but i can’t find CDintf.dll in the Automation list and OCX list. What name does it have? I regestered it with regsvr32 command but do not see it. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

It shows up as “CDintf” (Common Driver Interface) in the list of automation servers. If not, you should use regsvr32 to register the file for you. For your interest, the same CDintf.dll can be used from Word, Excel etc to control PDF/HTML printing, because it shows up as reference in the macro-editor (VBA). By the way, have done some initial testing with the HTML printer, and this seems to work quite good too - at least the results are at first glance much better than the Save as HTML. John

I tested HTML also. I tried Balance Report it looks worse then Navision HTML. And also it saves mirror pictures. It looks funny. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.