Mail with logo

Is there a way to activate a bitmap-logoin the header of an invoice e.g., when the invoice is sent via mail and to hide the logo, when it is printed only?

You can use the following: Create a section with the bitmap header. Define a boolean variable (example Printbitmap) and set the section currReport.showoutput (printbitmap) (the section will print only if the printbitmap variable is true). Create a funcion (f.e. set_printbitmap (newvalue : boolean)) where you can set that variable to true or false. before calling the saveashtml function (that i’m supposing you’re using for sending via mail the invoice), call the function with the parameter with value true. example code: var PrintBitmap : boolean Sectionwithbitmap onPresection: CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(PrintBitmap); Report Function SetPrintBitmap (newvalue: boolean) PrintBitmap := newvalue; Form calling the e-mail sending: var VReportPrinted : report myreporttype; CLEAR (VReportPrinted); VReportPrinted.SetPrintBitmap (TRUE); VReportPrinted.saveashtml (file); // … Hope that will help you :wink: – Alfonso Pertierra Spain