Mail with logo

Is there a way to activate a bitmap-logoin the header of an invoice e.g., when the invoice is sent via mail and to hide the logo, when it is printed only?

Unless you put a switch on the request form, i do not think this would be possible to control. Could you explain the purpose of this difference between the emailed and the printed invoice? Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

Sorry for the late reply, but I had to go to hospital. When sending the invoice to a printer, they use a paper with their logo. For email and fax, they want their logo at the top.

Define a global boolean variable on the report (example printlogo). Define a new function that sets the boolean variable to a parameter (example: setPrintLogo (newvalue boolean) begin printlogo := newvalue; end; ) By default notprintlogo will be false, so if you set a CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(printlogo) to the header section with the logo, it will by default (for example when printing directly from the reports list) hide the logo. When sending by e-mail, just need to call the setnotprintlogo function before the saveashtml one… : clear (myreport); myreport.settableview (myvariable); myreport.setPrintLogo (true); myreport.saveashtml (myfilepath); … You can also do the same with the fax by modifying the button you use for printing it’s code. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

Question? When the Email arrives at the other end is the Bitmap attached to the email as an attachment or is it really a part of the invoice document when printed. I have tried to send Invoices with a bitmap logo on them but when they are received, the bitmap is a separate attachment to the email.

It will be a separate attachment… :frowning: – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

I agree that it is annoying when the logo arrives as an attachment. We have done a crude solution for one client, whose logo was just the company name in a fancy font, where the logo was on top of a text box which contained the company name. When you print it the logo prints on top of the text box so you can’t see the text, but when you email it the logo is detached so the text box is visible. As I said it’s crude but it satisfied our client’s needs. regards, Dan.