Emailing a report

Hi, I have opened a new thread since the one opened by Wendi has some type of error and is not displaying the replies correctly. The reason why I opened a new thread about the same subject is that I have the exact same problem (Nav3.7) as shown below and do not know how to solve it. I also browsed through this forum, but there seems to be no replies/solutions for this topic [:(] . I am trying to email a purchase order report. The report contains a bitmap of the company logo. When the report is emailed, it sends 2 files a Purchase Order.HTM and a pic1.bmp. When you open the Purchase Order file, it doesn’t have the bitmap in it only a red X in its place. Is it possible to email the report with the bitmap in it? Thanks for your help!

Hi! This is to do with HTML, not Navision. Image files are not embedded in HTML, like they are in word documents. HTML just provides a referrence to where the image file is as an external file. We have found that the best ways round this are: 1.) Print to a PDF creator and e-mail the pdf instead. 2.) Replace the image with a referrence to an external web link, e.g. http:\\ourcompanylogo.bmp However if you print the report directly from Navision, the weblink and not the logo appears (However you can put some code on the report to decide whether to put the logo or the link on…)

We created an add-on to provide integrated tools to easily email reports in PDF format (thus preserving formatting) as well as faxing. Rather than rambling about the add-on, you can review information on the product (including demo videos!) at

Yes, send your report to a pdf-writer. eDocPrinter and pdfmailer can also email the created pdf file. Click on my signature for an example of how we did it.