Emailing a report

I am trying to email a purchase order report. The report contains a bitmap of the company logo. When the report is emailed, it sends 2 files a Purchase Order.HTM and a pic1.bmp. When you open the Purchase Order file, it doesn’t have the bitmap in it only a red X in its place. Is it possible to email the report with the bitmap in it? Thanks for your help!

I remember reading a topic in this forum where one idea was to put a Control on the Report (a TextBox, I believe) with a SourceExpr like That would make the HTML load the image from the web each time the Purchase Order document is opened. This would be the easy way out. For a more “professional” solution, you may want to consider different file formats like PDF. There are a lot of solutions for this, including a few already integrated with Navision.

Having tried to get the HTML option working satisfactorilly my advice is dont bother pdf is definitely the way to go and not too expensive. Try pdf995 from its easy to setup and use.

If you’d like a fully integrated automated solution, you can take a look at our add-on which addresses this need. The product overview can be viewed at

Try Amyuni PDF convertor, its not costly and simple to use… has its own built in emailer, can send multiple attachements

Hi, I have the exact same problem and been trying to search for solutions on this forum but there seems to be none [:(] . If the user who receives such mail, detaches the files before openinig the PO, the logo will then be displayed correctly. But I do not believe that anybody will do that. Is this a Navision problem, an HTML problem or otherwise??? Thanks a million for your advices.