PO Registration and Received

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As we have four statuses for the PO cycle

On Order - PO confirmed

Registered - Receipt List

Received - Product Receipt

Invoiced - Invoice

As per Knowledge once that product will be at registered status the quantity is now part of the physical inventory and can be consumed by an issue.

Now i have one scenario, if i have the partial deliveries and if the user by mistake enter the same Product Receipt twice and we issue the item for production and then the user realized that Product Receipt was duplicated and try to cancel the resisted quantity, the system will not allow him.

Is there anyway in AX that the issue or the physical inventory only get updated once we process the Product Receipt only.

  1. Solution for your scenario is you make -ve qty to remove double registration. This way you will remove double registration.

  2. Once you register and posted its treated as receipt.

  3. Without registration you can directly make receipt

I hope you got it.


System does not allow you entering same product receipt number twice. Suppose a scenario is like: you have registered for partial quantity on PO and used on the production, later realized that this was the wrong quantity then you’ll have to reverse the Production pick list consumed for this item and then post the reversal of registration to update correct quantity.

So just to clarify

  1. They are double receipting - so I query teh process and controls in place at receipt.

  2. They are then double issuing to production stock they do not have and consuming stock they do not have - at what point when they register the production pick do they realise? If you auto-consume what are your checks?

Have you tried resetting production and un-consuming the incorrectly consumed quantity?

In my opinion the registration and receipt list connection you have also made in the original post is not how I would align them.

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Thanks for the reply

This is the solution telling, but i am asking is there any way in the system that allow me to pick from the inventory only when i created the product receipt not at the level of receipts list completion. And Kiran at the time of generating the product receipt we came to know about that this receipt is enter as the system will not allow the duplicate entry.

I just want to know that is there a way in AX, that my inventory (physical inventory) only get updated when i create the product receipt not at the level of Receipt pick. So that it can be controlled at the system level or i have to control this manually.

Dont post the registration this is an indication from you that it is physically here. The receipts list is irrelevant to the process.