Negative quantity for purchase order receive item

hi all,

I am using ax2012,now i am working for PO receive item.

For the PO receive item quantity I’m trying to put the negative quantity but ax2012 not allowed to process

Iine AX2009 can post for negative quantity but in AX2012 cannot,maybe there is other way to do this.

anyone know which the best way can process for negative (-) quantity?

thanks in advanced…

When i trying to post for value negative (-) quantity
it become error like this :

“The sign of the invoice quantity and the sign of the purchase order quantity must be the same”

Hi Eity,

Could you please describe scenario?

Are you receiving the item from credit memo?



hi mohammed,

thanks for your reply,

this is the scenario :

I have a purchase order for 10, the supplier ships 8 there are 2 on order, the supplier tells me they will never ship them. The 2 shipment need do the reversal by set the negative quantity in receive quantity field.

in AX2012 is not allowed to do that. and i believe there is another way to post negative quantity.


If it is not invoiced, you can correct/cancel the product receipt


Its very simple, no need to make negative entry, just go to function >> Delivery reminder >> cancel the 2 quantity.

It serve your purpose.

Dear Eity,

you have PO for 10 Qty and received 8 Qty and you made Product |Receipt not simple cancel the remaining qty and your status of open order will change to receive and then you can proceed for the invoice.

in some case the order status will show you received and you will get the problem and if you check the on hand stock for this item it will show you 8 instead of 10 so in that case you can open the PO and select that item under update line there is delivery reminder option click that and cancel the qty this will also change your status from open order to received.

If you order 10 and receive 8 you will have received 8 and 2 will be on order - using the deliver remainder function will cancel the 2 - you should not enter -2 because then you will have received 6. I would also suggest you are entering a negative quantity and value which maybe giving you your issue, make the unit price positive. Or post a screen shot of your line entry.

Hi Kranthi,

i am trying to post invoice quantity from external source

now the scenario is to return item, and the external source will be have (-) quantity.

after that when i update the receivenow (-) quantity and during post invoice i got error like above error message.

in ax2009 the receive now can update negative quantity and also can post invoice journal.

bu in AX2012 cannot directly post (-) quantity for posting invoice journal.