Purchase order correction

Hello Guru’s,

Here is the situation:

There are two purchase orders for the same inventory.

Both were “received” into inventory. As a result, inventory is double.

Inventory adjustments were already made, so quantities are correct.

Invoices have already been paid to vendors and posted.

Question: what is the best way to correct this problem?


Hello Tony,

sorry but i dont understand the need of the step adjustment to correct the quantity

you can create return purchase order which will correct the things

Hey Tony,

You may need to bring the inventory back in via a movement journal or something first and then create a return purchase order like Kunal suggests.

Regardless, you should try this in a TEST environment first.


Thanks Jake, you’ve been very helpful

Thanks Kunal, you’ve been very helpful. Issue is resolved

As long as the PO hasn’t been invoiced, you could have “Canceled” the product receipt.

I think Tony said he counted the inventory out already, so he’s need to bring it back in somehow first, because the canceled receipt would try to deduct inventory.

But yeah, that’d certainly work, as well! I’m going to start a new thread with a discussion about canceling and correcting product receipts…