Same PO Have Two Transaction

Hi Guys,

I’m still junior in AX. I’ve an issue from my client, it is related between AP and Inventory. In inventory transaction, got two transaction with same PO, 1 for received and 1 for purchased. Can anyone tell me, why it become like that? System has generate new date for physical date.For sure, the quantity will be double in on-hand right?

What is the root cause? Is it because of the user, do some mistake during posting invoice or packing slip?

I needs help or guidance to solve this issue. Please help me…


Looks to me like they received it twice, check the inventory transactions and the receipt journals.

Hi Adam,

I’m not understand your advise. Due to I’m still new in AX, appreciate if you can guide with more details. Maybe you just explain, how come this issue happen or guide how to cancel. You have any idea? What I should do?

Go to the purchase order and look at the receipt journals - are there 2 for the same quantity? Did finance process an invoice directly against the purchase order and create the receipt rather than matching to the receipt? Essentially you need to look at the receipts against the order and check that the processes undertaken in the business have not caused a duplication.

Yes, same quantity. After check the voucher number for physical voucher for both transaction, why it different? how can be like that? Is it because of user enter some field or select any option during posting the invoice?

Basically yes.

You need to ask the people processing the invoice how they did it. If the quantity parameter was set to ordered and you simply invoiced all rather than against a receipt and do not have three way matching enabled I “think” this would create what you have - however talk to the finance people posting the invoice, they have created the issue - unless stores actually received it in twice :slight_smile:


Before this issue happen, they have encountered error “overdelivery” during post the invoice. Then, I just help them to change the overdelivery setup from 0 to 100 because it is suggestion from this group. After that, they can post invoice but got an error as above (Same PO have two transaction).

So, do you know, why “overdelivery” has occurred?

over delivery occurred because it is setup on the item, but this does not impact on the duplicate creation.