ax2012 PO change management


I activated the “PO change management” function. I create a PO with 1 with qty 10. The PO go thru approval and is final approved.

But we not able to to perform partial receiving. When i go to Line screen and enter the “Receive now qty”, Ax prompt error “change to document are only allowed in state draft. because change management is activated”

Any setting or work around for partial receiving?


How about editing the quantities during the “product receipt” update? doesn’t it work for you?

Hi Santosh,

If yes, perform product receipt where quantity = ALL, this will work, we need to manually delete or change the item qty.

This is just the workaround, not a good control.

You have activated Change management that means any changes to the PO must undergo approval process through Request for change. Why would you want to change the Receive now quantity on PO after approval? Instead change it during product receipt as suggested by Santosh. I think it should suffice otherwise if you really don’t want to define quantity on Product receipt then use the approval workflow element: Approve purchase order, editable and ask the approver to enter the Receive now quantity on PO.

@ Kiran - that doesn’t fulfil the requirement. As “receive now” will be updated by the user during the product receipt, approver has nothing to do here with that field.

@ Kong yu - I think you can ask your developer to get that field out of approval process.

What I mean is even if the "PO status is “Approved”, the field receive now must be editable. Interested to know if you found any other solution.

That’s correct but since the requirement is to enter on PO and not the Product receipt, so I was thinking if this could be accommodated in this way. Well anyways, it is practically quite obvious that we only know the shipped quantity by supplier at the time of product receipt only and not in advance for most of the cases.

I am not sure if it is so? As far as I know PO gets uneditable after approval, let me confirm this once I get the instance.

Yes, PO gets not editable after approval. But we need to approach developer if he can make only that field editable even after the PO status is approved.

I will ask the developer to make the field editable. Thanks for your advice.