Plant supply store software

We are new to NAV and plan to go live the end of January. We have a supply store in the plant were employees can get needed supplies. We are looking for some software that would allow us to scan an item out of inventory and update NAV. Probably would be like a POS system but not that complicated. We have not found anything at this point in time. Any options would be appreciated.

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POS system would be an overkill, there are other options just out of the box.

Easiest way - purchase a barcode scanner. The simplest models mimicrizes keyboard entry and cost next to nothing. When creating whatever docs you need (transfers, picks, you name it), you can scan the barcode instead of entering ItemNo manually. In fact everything that is barcoded, e.g. serial & lot numbers, MFG codes can be entered in such a way.

Some setup must be done before and the barcodes should be filled in, but the latter can be done on the fly, when Item appears for the first time. NAV can maintain unlimited count of barcodes per Item (there can be more than one in some industries). It’s called Item Cross References, investigate this feature or ask your Partner to explain - it’s too lengthy topic to retype here.

Shortcoming here is that the physical Item must be brought in a short proximity to the workstation, this is OK for screwdriver, but problematic for stainless steel sheet roll weighting many tons :slight_smile:

Then, there are scanners with memory (barcode, RFID) - you can walk all day round with one, gather the data, and process them online or as a batch at the end of a working shift. NAV has ADCS (Automated Data Capture System) module, but some custom coding might be necessary here.
Maybe this is another overkill for your environment, it’s not a cheap solution. Up to you to decide, I don’t know your requirements well enough.


Thanks for the reply. We do have scanners and use then with NAV 013R2 however we are looking for a simple way to update / reduce available inventory when supplies are handed out. To date we have not found an easy way for a supply clerk to do this. Any ideas would be helpful.

Well, WHAT exactly needs to be done with those Items - are those:

  • raw materials used in production;
  • consumables simply to be written off (pencil);
  • tools that are delivered to workers for use & written off in short predefined term (screwdriver);
  • tools that are delivered for concrete job & later returned to store until needed again (long-life / expensive equipment);
  • something else?

This all can be done within NAV, but requires some coding HOW exactly the scannad data should be processed, I put a link about ADCS in my previous post, but ADCS is not the only way, NAV 2013 allows remote tiny clients on hand-held devices.

Can’t understand WHY your implementing Partner has not consulted you about this availability - simplest solutions excluding use of ADCS is not a complicated task at all…