Financials 1.3 - Is there any one out there ?

Yes I know it probably doesn’t seem possible , but we have a heavilly modified version of 1.3 which to date I have been able to manage very effectively . However we want to simply utilise Bar codes in a little "clearance shop " we are opening [ dead stock etc ] , and I would appreciate learning how to create/modify/buy a simple interface to use between a hand held scanner and our Sales order input routine .Specifically capturing Item code [ at sales line entry ]. Oh and guys , please don’t come back with suggestions to upgrade as just at the minute , that is not an option

Hi, You can do this using an in-line scanner that plugs into the PC via the keyboard sockets. Using this method Navision will take the scanner input as if it came from the keyboard. There should be some adverts for this sort of scanner in the PC magazines such as PcPro. I have worked with clients who are using this configuration to good effect. You can contact me via e-mail if I can offer further help.