Barcode & Inventory ?

Hi, What are the minimum requirements(Objects/Tools/Controls etc) if one needs to scan the barcode and generate P.O. lines automatically w/out entering manually? What are the possibilities/feasibility without using RBO/POS solutions. Regards

From your question, I presume the scenario you are considering is something on the order of the following: a) Enter an Item code via a bar code scan b) Automatically generate a Purchase Order to the vendor of that item with a line for that item on the PO. c) Enter a quantity to be purchased (or acquire a suggested quantity from somewhere in the system) Assuming the above is anywhere close to your intention, the answer is that if it can be done with the keyboard as the input device, it can be done with a bar code scanner as an input device. Exactly the same Navision code will work in both cases, it is only the hardware input device that need differ because a bar code scanning device can (and often does) simulate keyboard input. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hi David, Thankx for the information. My intention is v.much the same. To put it again: A client express that he’s buying lots of items and he wants them to be registered into Navision w/out himself entering p.o. lines for all items. The constraint is that he doesn’t want to purchase any RBO/POS solution. From the info. given by you, i understood that we need a bar code scanner for the H/w part but what about the S/w that integrates this H/w with Navision to automatically generate the lines on p.o. Is anybody out there who can provide with the necessary Objects to achieve this functionality?(Of course at a Price). Could you pls. give more info. as the requirement is urgent(i don’t like to say… but…). Regards

Reading your requirement, from what I understood, the solution is quite simple. As David pointed out, the barcode scanner works like a keyboard, usually the barcode scanner gets even connected to a keyboard (though it depends if they are mobile or attached to a desktop computer). As a result you simply will get a string of numbers at the cursors position, or in that field that is currently activated. You only need to add a field to the product table that stores the barcode of the product and a field on the PO lines where you read in the barcode string, and based on that barcode the PO line gets filled (that same procedure as product nº)… of course you also need some code to handle certain conditions and uniquness of the barcode string and print barcode labels, but that’s not too hard. I guess a complete RBO/POS solution will be far to much functionality for your customer. I have written this described functionality for my former NSC but for Financials 2.01b… years back in time - if you are still interested, please contact me. Saludos Nils