A discussion with Experts

Hi Experts ,

We are applying new project in navision .

and now we are putting the plans of oftwares and hardwares .

My project is:

when we need to deliver the sales order or the transfer order ; to be computrized delivering .

Any one of you work with such a project .?

the idea is very easy … and if any one of you have any better idea or have passed in this experience ; please let me know .

every item needs to be delivered must have a barcode . 2kilo , three kilos , box , piece, anything

evey invoice will have a barcode

the warehouse man who is responibe to deliver the sales order ; usually he has more than 20 items , with large quantiy . He will have in front of him a toucahble screen .

a form from navision will be opened in front of him…

when he scan the barcode of invoice ;A code will match this form with the same sales header no. and sales lines .

when he scan the barcode of item … the qty to ship will come from sales lines to that special form to be matched with the same sales header no… then he will enter th qty he has … if he hass difference he will got a message … and etc

any one worked with such a project ???..please suggest what do you think ? What if we can implement it in another way ???..I am seeing , it’s possible to be customized in navision .Suggest any touchable computers or hardwares if you worked with such project .

Finally Please wish me goodluck in this project…thank you

Hi Jouhayna,

It sounds very much like a project were you should take a look at Lanham Associates eShip solution at http://www.lanhamassoc.com/.

They have done what you describe above many times, and they are good at it!

thank you Erik , I have looked at this site , yes it’s about myyproject

hoping to hear more opinons and to get mor information about this project

Hi Jouhayna,

I don’t really think you find other options, Lanham’s eShip is almost THE STANDARD solution for Dynamics NAV.

thank you Erik , i will take in consideration your advice .