Permission settings for TableDate

Hi, I wanted to remove some posted transaction from the G/L Entry table using the developer license then I got the below stated error message" You do not have the following permissions on TableData G/L Entry: Delete".

What do you thing I have to do to get this done?




what kind of transactions do you want to remove?

maybe there is a better way to remove them.

I don’t know about Nigeria, but in our country it is illegal til delete G/L Entries. Period!
If a customer asks me to do it, I would not.

On the other hand, I have a good chance to confirm if G/L Entries have been deleted in a Dynamics NAV.

I can only agree with Anfinnur - NEVER delete records from ANY table in NAV, especially from the most important GL Entry table, which is the barebone of the whole system.

Not to speak about is it legal or not - those GL Entry records have a ton of linked records in MANY other tables, which will become orphaned, and the DB will become inconsistent.

Use STORNO method to balance out the wrong --as you think-- entries. You must find out from which transaction those entries come, and post a reversing transaction to balance out those entries.
If you don’t want to increase turnover, post negative Db instead of Cr and negative Cr instead of Db - this is what STORNO means. Consult your CFO if my explanation wasn’t clear to you, however, this is accounting basics.