Delete ledger entries


I’m migrating a company from Dynamics NAv 2009R2 to NAV2015. I’have a specific request.

We don’t want to delete all Item Ledger Entries (they will do inventory to have a clean stock). We don’t want to recover the accounting entries made before 01/01/2017. (We keep only open entries)

Can I delete the Item Ledger Entries with a DELETEALL without problems? what are linked tables that I need to delete or update also ?

Same for accounting entries, which related records do I have to pay attention to? Is there an adjustment to be made via sheets?

Should I do this before or after migration to NAV 2015?

Thank you for your help.


If you ask me, I would not delete item ledger entries, I would create a boolean field in Item ledger entry and mark it and leave it alone and differentiate these transactions from the rest. If you are cleaning up ledger entries then you need to make sure you remove all the related tables and sometimes you don’t know where the transactions will refer back to ledger entries.

Thank you for your replay. We want to clean up and have a clean company and we don’t want to keep the history.
We would also like to delete all blocked items.

Deleting some entries is definately a no-go.
All entries, perhaps.
But no some.

I would do it like this:

  • create a new company.

  • import master-data from the old company.

  • import relevant ledger entries into at General Journal Batch and post it.
    Here you have to take into account(…) that posting customers and vendors will also create entries in G/L; and therefore you must not import G/L entries from Receiveables- and Payables Accounts.
    Also think about VAT-accounts.