Permission Error on Item Tracking Granule

When trying to post a purchase order with item tracking lines, the following error occurs “You do not have permission to write in the Item Entry Relation table”. This is when i use my clients licence if I use my NSC licence it works fine. This looks like a permissions error on the Item Entry Relation(6507) table. I am unable to write to TABLE 6507 which belongs to GRANULE 4,140. Could somebody please advise me if there is a work around to this problem.

I assume you are working with 3.60 - if that is the case, there is a hot fix to resolve your problem!! There are about seven codeunits in Navision which do not have indirect permissions set - you can either get the hox fix (desirable) or alternativley, go into the codeunits, view properties, and add the tables to the permissions propery.