Questions Regading Licences in Nav 4 SP2 on SQL

Hi Forum, Can anyone shed any light on some odd things that are happening in my clients Nav 4 SP2 system on SQL 2000

I am testing their new licence prior to going live and I am getting some permissions error. For instance when I go to VAT Statements within Financial Mgmnt I get an error telling me I do not have permission to the Change Log table. They are not using Change Log. If I go to a Purchase Order, I get an error saying I do not have permission to run the Purchase Header Archive table (is this a separate granule) If I go to look for some bespoke functionality on their menu (90), it is not there.

For additional informtion, the system is running on SQL 2000 with our Dev Licence at the moment with has been imported and all Users Syncronised and when I am testing their licence I am only doing a Change from the Tools, Licence Information window.

Hi Paul

You see this behaviour when the tables have data in them and quite often it is just an empty row. Just go into each table with object desginer and delete the row.

Paul Baxter

Hi Paul, you were right with the Change Log error, there was a blank line in the table which I deleted and that resolves that error. But theres still the PurchaseHeader Archive permissions error. There is data in there because they archive the PO when they print it. Is this functionality part of another granule??? And finally, I still dont see the bespoke functionality on the menu that is there if I used our Dev Licence. Paul

Hey Paul,

I’ve run into this problem before. This is what I got from Microsoft:

There is not a separate granule for archiving documents. Archiving documents is dependent on license permissions related to the archive tables that are controlled through CRM (Customer Relationship Management) granules.

There are several tables that are used in the archiving process and if the client does not have those tables on their license, then they will receive errors when trying to archive. These tables are part of Granule 5160 (Interaction and Documentation Management) and a prerequisite of Granule 5160 is Granule 5110(Contact Management).

It took me some work to figure this out, so I figure I can save someone some time.

But then again, this was under the old licensing structure. You may just need to get an updated license for them and it will resolve the problem without them having to purchase the granule.

Hi DigiTecKid,

I had a nasty feeling this was going to be the case, but was hoping it wasn’t. Do you ave any idea why I cant see bespoke functions on the menu under their licence? Paul

In the old menus they used the a function to show or not show buttons:

ShowMenuButton(TableID : Integer) : Boolean
IF NOT GLSetup.“Adapt Main Menu to Permissions” THEN
PermissionRange.SETRANGE(“Object Type”,PermissionRange.“Object Type”::TableData);

In the 4.0 sp2 menu suites I can only imagine there is something similar (only I can’t find it at this moment), if the license doesn’t have permissions for it then it’s not shown. I verified this with a customer of mine as well and Intercompany Postings. (Financial Management menu, General Ledger folder). If I load my developer license then it shows up, when I load theirs it’s gone.

Hi DigiTecKid,

thanks for all your help. I have emailed the client to see if they want to fork out more money for the two CRM granules, if not I have been able to back out the archived Purchase Orders in a development company quite easily so will have to wait and see what they say.

I think the reason they are not seeing bespoke functionality on their menu is due to syncronization, will put their licence in LIVE, get the users syncronized as see what happens…Paul

Hi Paul, two things:

1/ Why are you looking for bespoke work? I don’t think its necessarily a mod. There are lots of areas in Navision that have an IF FIND(’-’) then in them. If nothing is found the server does not check permissions, so even if you are not licenced it will still work. So the issue is most certainly just the data.

2/ Now heres the bad bit. I had a client that was preparing to go live on 3.60 and the realized that they needed certain features of 3.70 (that was coming out very soon), so we moved to that. Once they started, they had the same issue that you are having (Well similar it was sales order, not purchasing) we eventually worked out that in 3.60 (it might even have been from an original 3.10 licence upgraded to 3.60) and 3.70 the Archive was under a different granule group in Navision, so even though they could run Archives with the old 3.60 licence they couldn’t with 3.70. Eventually some agreement was made, and they got permission to archives, but not sure now of the exact details (I didn’t sell the system, I was just project managing it for them). I have also seen a similar situation where a client in one version had Stock Keeping Units which were originally a part of the Agile Production Granule, but then lost them when they did a technical EXE upgrade.

I think your main step is to show Microsoft that your client had this granule and now they don’t, and try to get the license fixed.

Hi David, thanks for that. Firstly the bespoke works is a routine that we created and I put on their menu which can be seen when they are using our dev licence but cant be seen on the menu when using their licence, I think it is just a case of syncronising.

The problem with the granule comes up time and time again I upgraded a client from the old DOS Navigator 3.55 to 3.70 and functionality used used to have nolonger worked because of the same reasons you stated. Eventually we got the granules but not without alot of debating.

This problem was one of our own making in as much as the users discovered the document archiving functionality whist using our licence and when they got their own licence it caused problems with permissions (which it would). The upshot is, they have agreed to pay for the two granules DigiTecKid mentioned so all resolved.

Thanks all for your help. [:D]