I have permission problem

I have two same navision databases and users and licences. Only difference is that one is local (navision database) and other is on SQL. With local i dont face any problem but sql i face problem when i post purchase credit memo. This is permission error on table return shipment header.

any ideas?

Hi Imran,

Have you made any modifications to the return shipment header-table, and not syncronized security afterwards?

No there is no customization. and i am using 3.10, i guess here synchronization is not used. I want to tell u here that with the customer license, you cannot run the table. But while posting credit memo, it is giving the error on navision which is with sql. For local it is working fine. I don’y know where is the problem? and the user i am using have all permissions.

Look in the sales and receivables setup, is the “return receipt on credit note” selected? I would guess it is in one database and not in the other and that is the issue.

It is also checked. This is waht i get

Navision Attain

You do not have permission to write in the Return Shipment Header table.

Contact your system manager if you need to have your permissions changed.


in local database it is working fine. but with sql it is not working. I am talking abt diff databases and not companies pls note that.

ok thanks it is working…

By removing the check I presume?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Atually I think this is a license problem. Most likely you have the customer license on the SQL server, but a developer license on the local.

actually it wasnt license problem. i solved it as per instructions by AdmanRoue…

Thankyou so much for ur concern.