Value Entry Relation Table

Hi, End user is getting a message like this. “You do not have permission to write in the Value entry Relation table” What could be reason. They are having lic. for GL, AR and AP.

Hello, End users, unless they buy the Solution Developer granule (& all proceeding design granules), are not allowed to edit any of the ledger tables. Basically there is no (Normal) scenario where you would want users to change this data directly. You should only correct data there indirectly by posting a correction. If there is a bit of “duff” data in the system that needs to be edited/deleted/corrected, then you would get a solution developer to write a one off corrective report to clear it.

I think I remember, that Navision issued a hotfix for this issue. The Permisions to insert into the table were missing in the posting Codeunit. What version are you running - And have you implemented all the hot-fixes for that version? For the time being, you can add the permissions needed for the users. I am, by the way, assuming that you get this error when posting an invoice! (even though, and assumptions, makes ‘an ass out of you an me’…