Performance hit following conversion to SQL db

Running Navision 3.70a clients against a Navision 3.70a server with SQL database. Prior to this we were running the Navision proprietry database and moved to SQL only recently. Since conversion to SQL, users are complaining of a delay when posting. This didn’t happen before. The system is running a max of 3 users. Any ideas what may cause this, and where I should look for tuning? I must mention that we run other SQL databases on this server, and there are no noticeable delays or user complaints about performance on these applications.

With only three users, I have to ask: Why did you decide to move to the SQL Database? I have seen a white-paper once, that actually concluded that Native had a better performance when the number of users were low.

Why? Because it is more convenient to have Navision clustered nicely with the rest of our applications on SQL rather than being a proprietry stand alone system with it’s own backup, restore, and server services.

I did an upgrade for a client from 2.60 to 3.70A, and the users really complained over poor performance after that. The client found a thread here, which said that you should run a optimization after restore, since this isn’t done automatically by Navision. After the client did this, everything was back to normal again. Regards Daniel

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