SQL runtime vs native Navision Database

We have a client that has just converted from a 3.70a native database to a SQL database. There is a noticable difference in lag time in normal processing. They only have about 7 users and the database is only about 700meg. Nothing has change except the underlying database. Have we missed a setting, or is this just SQL overhead? Thanks,

You need to play around with SIFTs (try disable some) and SQL Index (adding some). But in general, SQL version is slower and require much more resource.

Most likely you do not have enough hardware. What kind of server, Processor, RAM, HDs (speed and quantity) and RAID do you use?

Ron, I had this problem back in 2.6 and we had to rename a file called CMON.exe which was hogging memory because it monitored every transaction. I think it was located in the Navision folder of the SQL server.

Hi! What do you mean with “SQL Runtime”? Are you using the “Desktop Engine” of the SQL Server that is installed with NAVISION? This SQL Server is getting slower the more users connect - not a bug, it’s a feature, because this edition is meant to run a “Single-User” database and not to act as a real server. MS wants you to buy a “real” SQL Server [}:)] (more info about MSDE: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/architec/8_ar_ts_67ax.asp) By the way, just changing the database will mess up your complete solution - also depending on the amount of customizations. SQL requires - besides more hardware-ressources - different usage of keys/indexes, filters, locks, etc. and the logic of transactions maybe changed. If you are going for SQL, I strongly recommend to completely re-design the system on base of the new database. Good luck!

They are right the SQL version is slower than C/SIDE. Why did you swap? Why not change back? You will need to spend a significant amount of time on tuning the SQL / Navision set-up to get the best performance. Why not SEARCH for hints on this site.

  1. SQL core is not slower than Navision. It is because how Navision is implemented in SQL that it is slower. 2) given his db size and number of users you should see no impact add all if you are using up to date hardware, and the customisations are made as they should be.

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