Performance of Navision 2.60 with Sql

Dear all, Last January due to certain internal changes my company was forced to move to Sql server Option. Now we are having lots of performance problems and we have our company almost stopped. We take almost 1 hour to post 30 invoices, searches take lots of time also, we have a very serious situation in our hands and neither our Nsc nor Microsoft Portugal seem to have a solution for us. We have the whole database and the sql files spread in 12 hard drives We are using Raid 1 Our Server is a Pentium III with 6GB Ram and 2 processors 1.2GB Can anyone give me some tips to solve this serious problem?? Can anyone help and show me the way? Kind Regards Jose

Hi, Jose… a question that comes to me is how big is your database right now (File->Database->Information) and what’s the percentage of free database you’re having. When setting up a database in SQL one of the parameters (that you can always change) it’s the increase rate on the database. If the increase rate is too low, the database will spend a lot of time on increasing itself. The program needs having at least a 20% of the database free for an optimal performance. Check also other posts in the forum about Raid’s performance when using navision. Regards,