Upgrade From Native to sql server

Hello, I have some soft how want access my navision data. At this time, I use C/ODBC, but it’s not the best. So I plan to migrate to sql server. I think that to do that, I simply have to backup current database, connect to sql server, create database et simply restore backup, is it true?? I’m currently on NF2.6, so I hear that it’s very slow. I don’t want upgrade my object at this time. But if I upgrade only client et server executable (and so convert db to new format), do I have better performance??? Thx

Hi Geoffreyd78, Please review Chapter 7 (3.70 = Chapter 8) “Migrating to the Microsoft SQL Server Option for Navision” (should be simular for 2.60) in the w1w1upgr.pdf document (part of the upgrade toolkit) prior to attempting to upgrade to SQL. There are some data conversion issues, such as dates prior to 1753-01-01 which are not supported on SQL. Regarding performance, depends a lot on what you are doing, overall external access (ODBC) might be quicker and more robust but Navision performance might degrade some (or not). SQL might also require more hardware. /Bruno

I’m not a NCS but a end user (with good knowledge on NF) so I don’t have access to documentation of upgrade toolkit I have 20 users on NF. My server is a Compaq ML370 with 2 procs 1.4 GHz, 1Go RAM

Geoffrey Is the root problem a lack of performance for your users? If so here are a few things to look at before changing databases: - Where are your users vs the server. I have a user in another building, and for him to run certain Navision and Jet reports is VERY slow. I run a report in less than 1 minute, he runs it over 10 minutes. The link between our buildings did not have enough capacity. This is purely a network issue, so a new server/database will not help. - What is your network traffic between the client PCs and the Navision server? Is there so much traffic that the data is slowed down. - What is the configuration of the client PC? Is there enough RAM. If not enough, there will be a LOT of disk swapping. - What is running on the client desktop at the same time. Are those applications taking memory and CPU resources from Navision? gud luk Gary

i can only speak form my point of view… but in this time i have no good experiences with using the sql server in connection with navision. even the new version 4.00 is not optimized for the sql server… as mbs says the upcoming version (4.00 sp1/update1) will be more optimized for sql… so if you can avoid to change to sql, you should do so… its only my opinion and experiences…

I have installed, run and supported Navision on both platforms. Firstly I would ot recomend running SQL on anything less than 3.70 with all the service packs, and that means Wi2k minimum for clients. You have to balance some loss of performance (or the cost of more hardware) against the flexibility. If you have any need to connect externally to Navision then SQL wins hands down. But if you are an end user, have your NSC do a test run with your data base, and bring the test server to your peromises and have all your users connect for a test run. Also make sure the NSC has serious SQL skills in house, and have a history of Navision SQL implementations, DON’T be their first one. Also keep in mind that a Navision SQL database is VERY VERY different to a typicla SQL setup, so make sure that the IT people know this. Once its up and running SQL is a very nice platform for Navision.

Thx to all reply. I tried an upgrade on a test server, and that run good. For performance, at this time, I can only test with 2 users … My boss would to upgrade to sql server on next week-end, so, I post here the “impressions” it’s the boos who would upgrade without more tests, not me. I think i loss performance, but I win flexibility, C/ODBC is good but slow and not always so perfect, and impossible to make multi-company use. For upgrading, Yes, from my point of view, the best solution is to upgrade to 3.70. From the point of view of my boss, it’s big lot of money, he must pay for 4 years of maintenance if we would to upgrade … For the skill of my NSC … no comment : 3 weeks to find how to upgrade to sql server and fin upgrade tools (me, only 10 minutes on cd) … and more more others things … I’m not a NSC, but I think I have the skill of a NSC (4 years of programming on NF2.6, and I think I used all possiblility on NF) I post here next week after the upgrade (or a downgrade ?)

Please don’t do this without seriously investigating the end results, a longer term test is critical. I can pretty much garantee you that if you don’t then the following weekend will be spent moving data back to the original server. Whilst I know Navision on SQL pretty well, I can connect you with a true performance expert if you wish, he should be able to convince your boss that this is nto a quick fix, and that you need to spend a bit of time investigating.

I upgraded this w-e Users begin to work at 8.00 and now it’s 11.00. And no problem… Only a memory problem with sql server but it’s because my vendor don’t buy the memory I want, thus I add memory tio my server this week For upgrade, no big problem (I tried it many times past weeks), but little problems :slight_smile: I tested DB and run CU for checking field on thursday night (because, I think not the time on w-e). And so … On friday, a user add a bad date into Navision. And at 92% of restore, I receive the error, And I can re Backup and restore. second time, another date error… Third time : An sql error, transaction log full … Fourth time … : On my test, I find a table problem, but I miss to correct … 5th time : Sunday 15.00, OK all is good :slight_smile: At each time, I must rebackup and resrestore … (5 hours)

So I guess you keep your job then [:D] well done.

Yes, I keep my job and my boss … but it’s not alway a good thing … My users don’t report any problems except some (very thin) problem with code fields like integer. But no problem with performance

And you are still on 2.60 executables? How big is the database, and how many users?

Yes, always on 2.6 25 users, 7.5 Gb (on a database file of 10Gb), 8 companies My server ; Compaq proliant ML370 G2 : 2 proc 1.4 GHz, 1 Mo Ram (extended tomorrow to 3Go), 3 HG 18 Go raid 5 for transaction and other application/files, 3 HD 300 Go raid 5 for database. Other applications on same server : TSE, other database, file server On my test server, I tried with a 3.7 version, but with my tests, I think is much slower than 2.6 …

Ah OK, that makes more sense. From your original postings, I thought it was a big system you were converting, but 25 users shoudl not be an issue. By the way, you really should get rid of the RAID 5. Admittedly your systme is small, but still no need to make it slower thatn it needs to be. Also get your logs onto their own raid 1 arrays, don’t put them with the OS and Apps. I find it odd that 3.70 is slower? Did you make those comparison tests witht eh 25 users ogged in and working, or was it just slower as a “gut feeling”

On my post from 03/05, I say 20 users :slight_smile: For Raid5 and sql server, I know, but, … it’s what I have. But it’s a good raid5 controller and at this time, I don’t see any problems For the test of 3.7, I tested it with only 2 users. I run the same test with the 2 versions, and 3.7 look more slower. But with 25 users, I don’t try it now At this time, that work without problem with 2.6, sql server and my hardware, so …

Sorry, some how I missed the user count, my earlier responses would have been different had I had my eyes open whilst reading [B)] I agree, its better to concentrate on stabilizng your current system than experimenting wth 3.70 etc, but I would look at the option of changingthe disk struture to RAID 1.