Was your SQL conversion a success

I would like to throw this question out to End Users that had a running Navision system on Native, and then converted a.SQL back end.

Do you think that the SQL conversion was a success (based on the day you went live), did it achieve what you expected, and looking back, was it the right move?

As weel as the question, could you also make comments in relation to:

  • Was moving to SQL the right thing to do in the end?
  • Database size Native vs SQL?
  • No of users?
  • No of databases?
  • What Drive technology did you use (eg Direct attached Raid 10, SAN, etc.)?

If it was a success, then I would add the additional quesitons:

  • Were you having serious Native issues prior to the upgrade?
  • Did you get in a Navision SQL expert to guide you through this, or was it done with the same people that normally support Native?
  • How much testing did you do on SQL before the Go-Live?

If you consider it was not a success

  • Did you get an independent NAV-SQL expert to come in and fix it?

  • Was it a case of the conversion worked, just not as well as you had expected/been promised?

  • What would you have done differently had you known?

  • Is the system now performing satisfactorily?

  • Did you consider going back to Native DB?

As always additional comments would be appreciated.


I can only talk about the situations I have fixed, not the succesfull ones. [H]

What if I told you I fixed 20 installations in 6 months? [:P]

I am doing a SQL migration together with Waldo this month but we have a huge budget for pre-tuning and budget for tuning afterwards.

Actually Mark what I am trying to do is gather general statistics abotu conversion success, to see which is the best path.

From all the conversions I have seen, it seems that the cheapest way to have a successful SQL conversion is to have a third party expert come in PRIOR to the conversion. The cost to do it after is not so much more than before, BUT the affect a bad conversion has on business is very expensive. Having said that I don’t just want to say “who ya gonna call”, I want to get feedback from those that were successfull and those that were not initially but got back on track.

If you say that you fixed 20 installations, then one can only assume that you were called in because the situation was bad. 20 bad installs is a lot, and in it self shows a justification for fixing the system BEFORE it goes wrong.

Does anyone want to comment?