Overflow under type conversion of Text to Code: Value: 9311493002527

This error occurred when processing a transaction in LS Retail POS - but the error message is “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic”.

The Value number shown is a valid Barcode for a valid product on file. Normally we can interchangeably scan or type either the Barcode number or the Item number for the product and it should come up OK - but occasionally - seemingly at random we get error messages like this - or sometimes a valid barcode scans - but the number just sits in the field “dumbly” without fetching the item or even giving an error message.

This is happening so often and causing grief at the front-end (customer facing) and nobody seems to have any suggestions on what the problem could be.

The item and barcode files are located on the local database - so the problem shouldn’t have anything to do with a connectivity issue to a store or HO database.

Overflow errors happen when the length of the value is longer than the variable that is assigned, for instance when a field has a length of 10, and the program tries to put a value into the field that is longer than 10 characters. It’s like trying to put a liter of water into a pint size cup, it will overflow because there is too much water.

Get your partner to debug this error to find where the assignment is, and check it for variable length.