Error message on report

We have a custom report that worked last month, but this month it doesn’t (I recently did an update to SQL 2005, so I think it has a lot to do with that).

Anyways, the report error I’m getting is:

Overflow under type conversion: Code to Code.
Value = 033107 WIRE

The value is a document no. of a wire transfer in the general ledger. There is only one instance of this and the Document No. length is set for 20 (found the other post on the text to text error here from last August).

Could it be something to do with the space between 0333107 and Wire and SQL? or is it something different?

Thanks in advance!

The length of the string 033107 WIRE is 11 characters. You set the doc no to 20, but Navision default for Code variables and fields is 20.

I would be pretty certain that somewhere in your code there is a variable of field Code 10 that this is being copied into.

it would be pretty easy to find with the debugger.

Found it!

Thanks…I often forget about that debugger!

So long as you fixed it. And was it a Code 10?

Also now its resolved, please mark the thread as resolved, and give it a rating.

David, your response time is brilliant! Are you “sleeping” with I would rate you 5++ stars!

I am actually trying to spend more time right now cleaning up the site (moderating I guess) after the conversion. So quite busy.