ODBC error when connecting to Navision

Hi, one user is getting this error, when trying to connect to Navision on the SQL Server: error:[Microsoft][ODBC Server Driver]Can not generate SPPI Context ID. state:HY000

  • Server: Windows Server 2003 64bit, SQL Server 2005 64bit
  • Client: WindowsXP, Navision 4.0 SP1 SQL
    we had this error before, and it seemed to occur because there was a Time difference (10 Minutes) between the Domain (logon) Server and the SQL Server. At that time, all users got the error message, and the problem was resolved, when synchronizing the Time between the two servers. Any ideas?

It also occurs if you are using a domain user account for the SQL Server Service (instead of System or Network Service etc) and the password has expired/changed on that account. Check the Service for that.

No, that’s not it, runs on a System account. And from time to time the client can connect to the Server. It looks, as if the client has some problems with the network, though (loosing connection to the domain).

Based upon other posts that I’ve seen on the internet, the error that you have described is a failure for authentication using Windows Authentication over TCP. Microsoft has a great article on what to look for to try to resolve the issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811889/ I have encountered it in the past, but it’s usually a one-off issue in which I close the client and re-open and it works!