Synchronizing Security Crashes Navision

I have a SQL Server 2000 machine that I am trying to put a Navision 4.00 database on using Windows Authentication. In the past, I have not had any problems doing this for clients; however, this time I am running into a problem. I can create the database and restore it, but when I try to run Tools, Security, Synchronize, I get a GPF that tells me MBS Navision encountered an error and must be restarted. Thus far I have tried Windows Authentication, Database Authentication, SQL Server Collation, Windows Collation, and 2 different backups. I have tried builds 19365 and and 21544. There is a 3.70 database on this server that needs to stay in 3.70 format for now. I am trying to put a 4.00 test database on the server. My account is also setup as a System Administrator account on SQL. I cannot find anything in the SQL Logs or the Event Viewer showing an error. When I click on the details of the error message, it references the ndbcs.dll file. Any ideas would be appreciated. David

Did you install the right extended stored procedures? If you need to use Windows authentication, these are necessary for Navision to communicate to SQL Server.

If you are referring to the xp_ndo_enumusersids, then yes it has been added to the master db. The only difference I have found between this setup and our other clients is the Navision client is not installed on the SQL Server. The Navision databases are created from the client PCs. David

David Are you putting BOTH 3.7 and 4.0 on the SAME server? While I have not done that, there could be conflicts between the 2 versions. Gary

Yes, I am putting both 3.70 and 4.00 on the same server. I have done this for all of our other clients, but this one seems to be hanging me up. I checked and the SQL Server version is 8.xx.818 which does not correspond to any version on the MS website. I am going to apply SQL Server 2000 SP4 tonight to see if that helps.

The SQL Server SP4 wont help with a crash in NDBCS.DLL. What version are you running? Build 21544 is not an officially released build. Have you tried the 4.0 SP1 (21666) release? How many users are you synchronizing (in the User and Windows Login tables)?

Robert, You’re right. SQL 2000 SP4 didn’t help. I have tried builds 19365 (RTM), 21544, and 21666 (4.0 SP1). None of them helps. My test database has one database login and one windows login at the moment. My SQL account has SA privileges and the domain account I was using is has Domain Admin privileges. David