Object Import Automation

I have written some code in Navision Attain and am interested in making the implementation as simple as possible. Is it possible to run the Object Import from VB and C/Front, and if so has anyone got any sample code?

I can’t bring myself to say that it can’t be done, so, let me say that it can’t be done in any cost effective way. andre

Hello, there must be a way. The Replicator for Financials/Attain can do it. From the administrators giude: ----- snip ----- Transfer of objects in Financials From version 1.52 the replicator can replicate system objects between Financials databases. The replication of design is done as everything else and is set-up in a Specification with the Transfer Type set to Objects. You set-up a specification transferring objects doing the following: Special facilities in Specifications Create a specification. Set source and destination database. Specify Objects in Transfer Type Set Source Table No to 2000000001. (this is optional.) This is all that is needed to actually update design between databases. Note that the replicator application default selects Update-Add as What To Do, but it is also possible to have delete if this is wished. When replication takes place the Replicator doesn’t actually compare all the code to find out if an object needs to be updated, added or deleted. The replicator uses the Version list and the date + time, to compare objects with and from that decides if any action should be done on a given object. If you need to transfer only specific types of objects or only a specific number range this is also possible to do by applying filters to the specification. Here you simply set-up filters on the version list or other available fields, delimiting what objects should be transferred. If Delete is part of What To Do, please remember to also set filters on the destination database if there are filters set on the source database. If this is not done objects in the destination database that can not be found within the range of the source database will be deleted. ----- snip ----- Replicator is using c/front. May be you can find more information here: http://www.databackbone.com And NO, I am NOT related with databackbone. Kind regards Walter