Copy lines from object designer

Hi all, Is the following possible ? You are developing in a Navision database. When you change an object you also make a change in the version list of that object. At the end of the day, I want to copy (ctrl+c) those objects from the object designer and do a paste (ctr+v) in a table in another Navision database (to keep track of what you’ve done). So the goal is not to have the objects in that database but just the type, ID, description, version list and so on. Can that be done ? Thanks, Gunther

Hi Gunther, I’m afraid this will not work. But you have at least two other chances: 1. Paste & Copy to Excel 2. Check table 2000000001 (create a new form to see this). Here you can filter on ‘Modify’ & ‘Date’, then use a dataport to export the data and import it in a table (NOT table 2000000001!) into the other database. bye Andre