Interbase to Navision

We have several products written In Delphi using an interbase database and we would like to transfer data bach and forth between databases. We have used dataports and file transfers but would like to use a better way. I have read over all the posts in this section and it appeas we have several choices such as C/Front, C/ODBS, OCX ADO etc. Assuming we are willing to invest the time to do things the “best way”, anyone have an idea what that best way is?

Don’t think there is a best way. All depends on what you want to accomplish. For instance ODBC is quite easy to use but may not be efficient enough e.g. with regards to performance. C/Front on the other hand performs very well, but will require a fair amount of code. Neither of these will enable you to use the business logic in Navision directly, so if validation is an issue you will have to be creative beyond the boundaries of these interface methods.

Providing you use Attain 3.0 or higher, my suggestion would be to use XML files which you can send to Navision via the message queue.

Fabian, using XML via the message queue sounds like something that ought to be of interest for a lot of people. Do you have any small example that could be relevant for describing the involved mechanisms? I’m thinking of what componentst are running on Attain and the other system, what kind of logic, is it automatic update or via user approval in Attain, etc.