Number series Set Up

Hi all! I need to set up number series by location. How can I do that??? I need to have i.e: Description Location Number series Sales order Number MTL SCMA-000001 VCR SCVA-000001 TOR SCTB-000001 All locations are in the same company. Each location need to mange their own duties ( sales order, purchase order , production order, warehouse shipping and receiving). Thanks RF

Without a customisation you can set up a relationship between number series, e.g. Sales Order1, Sales Order2, Sales Order3, each with their own number series (could be one for each location). Then set a realtionship between these number series. Then when used on a Sales Order the people from the various locations will be able to choose the number series that relates to them. Cheers Peter

Hi Peter white in the lly way can i get different sales order no for blanket order. all sales are belongs to same location center. i want open sales order one number series blanket sale oder converted to sale oder with one number series

You’re able of choosing the no. series for each location when creating an order by using the standard as Peter told, but if you need something more complex (like getting the order also depending on the location on invoices, blanket orders and so in an automatic way you will need to modify the standard. I was having a customer with a similar requirement but it was related to posting series for each department… Regards,

Hi all, I dit what Peter said : I create 3 warehouse shipment number series but when I’m trying to choose one related to my warehouse ( ex: VCR ) it does not work. It usually trying to give me the number series which is in the warehouse management set up. Maybe it’s a bug ( My settings are the same as ITems numbers series used in Cronus database. My needs are more like Alonso’s customer but for each location Thanks

Hi Rosine Have you set-up the number series relationships? Where you link the newly created number series to the default one in the set-up and the one in the set-up to the newly created one - this enables you to pick multi number series for the same process and move away from one default series.

The other (and probably better) option is training.

It is always tough to make the user choose the number series. The type of user who enters Sales Orders is usually the lowest on the skill level (A generalization…don’t take this personally), and making them enter a number series leaves room for errors. If having these number series is a requirement, I would (and have before) go the custom route. Even if I were allowing the user to pick the number series, I would make sure that the location on the order was forced to the corresponding location (Still custom). The other issue is that by default Navision creates the Number from the number series before any other data is entered, so unless the user is assigned to a location before they enter the Sales Order, the system would not know which Location to use for a number series. You can always use Delayed Insert, but I always try to avoid this as it usually causes more issues than it solves (especially in this case).