No. Series Error in Cronus

I had set up all number series and applied them in each setup area. I had tried using Defaults. I deleted current numbers, incremented numbers, tried manual numbers only (it seemed to work on Prod Orders), yet still I get the following error on Warehouse Receipts.

Receiving No. Series must have a value in Warehouse Receipt Header: No. = 321. It cannot be zero or empty

There is a number there, and even when I had a number series set for Warehouse Receipts it would give me the same error. I changed the No. Series to manual for Released Production Orders and that worked, but to no avail in Warehouse Receipts.
Help please.

Make sure that you have a number series for Whse. Receipt Nos. selected in Warehouse Setup

You know, it’s funny, I had a No. Series in place for Whse. Receipt Nos., but this time I clicked on the default AND the manual and it took the code. Previously, it would error out.
Regardless, thank you very much for your help.

Actually, it did not work… just got this error. As you can see it does have a code. I tried manual and that didn’t work either.
“Receiving No. Series must have a value in Warehouse Receipt Header: No.=WR0000005. It cannot be zero or empty.”


Do you still have an issue?


Hi Steve,

Here is my Warehouse Setup

And here is my No. Series

Picks are giving me the same error. I tried multiple combinations to no avail. Even manual numbers, once entered, are giving me the same error.

Here is the pick error. It reads the same as the receiving error.

Hey Paul,

Are you using locations? How is the Location card’s Warehouse fast tab set up?

If the Location is not set up with the Warehousing options, I would check your Inventory Setup page for the No. Series listed there.

Location Card - Warehouse Fast tab
Inventory Setup

Thanks Adam.
This is how I have most of my Locations set.

Are both No. Series set up:
Receiving No. Series on the Purchase order is your “Posted Receipt Nos.” field on the Purchases & Payables Setup.
Receiving No. Series on the Warehouse Receipt is your “Posted Whse. Receipt Nos.” field on Warehouse Setup.

Are you getting this error when creating picks/receipts from documents that existed prior to updating the No. Series Setup? In previous versions of the software, the No. Series fields did not update when the Numbering Setup pages were updated with new No. Series information.

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I have been deleting and remaking the documents with the same results.


I have been playing around in CRONUS to try and pop the error. What version are you on? I have seen the Registering Error in NAV 2013. Have you tested the exact same Pick process in CRONUS to see if you can recreate. I cannot get mine to error out using NAV 2017. Also, in the No. Series, make sure the Warehouse related No. Series you have turned on Default. In your pic Movement is not checked.

Just guessing but double-check the No. Series so that the Default is checked for RWPIC.

If this still fails contact your Partner to run debugger to locate the source of the error. Then it can be resolved.

Hope this helps.

Are you deleting the Pick or the Warehouse Shipment?

I would suggest you do a Config Pack dump of the Sales Order Header, the Warehouse Shipment Header, and the Pick Header (if you can get this far).

You are looking specifically for the No. Series fields on these document types. One of them is missing the values you set in your Warehouse Setup, so it isn’t able to assign the Registered Number when registering the Pick. Hopefully you can Config Pack it in, so you can complete the process.

If your documents are being created through any kind of import or automation, I suggest you review the process there to make sure all fields are being populated with the No. Series values.

Best Regards,
Ben Baxter

Thanks. I’m sure this is the issue.

Thanks for all your help.

Just as a follow up, I was able to expose the Receiving No. and Receiving No. Series on the Warehouse Receipt header, and got passed the first error, but now I have a slightly different error.

There is no Posted Whse. Receipt Header within the filter.

Filters: Location Code: 30OAK, Whse. Receipt No.: 107211

I’m making progress. :slight_smile:
This is, of course, when trying to post the Warehouse Receipt.

To address the problem, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Verify Warehouse Receipt Header setup: Double-check the setup of the Warehouse Receipt Header in your system. Ensure that the number series is properly assigned and that it has a valid value. Make sure that the number series you assigned for Warehouse Receipts is active and has not expired.
  2. Check the data entry process: Review the data entry process for creating Warehouse Receipts. Ensure that you are entering the number correctly and that there are no typos or extra spaces causing the error. If you are copying and pasting the number, try manually typing it to eliminate any formatting or hidden characters that may be causing the issue.
  3. Test with a different number series: If the issue persists, try using a different number series for Warehouse Receipts. Create a new number series specifically for Warehouse Receipts and apply it to the Warehouse Receipt Header setup. This will help determine if the problem lies with the specific number series or if it is a more general configuration issue.
  4. Clear cache and restart: Clear the cache of your system and restart both the client and server instances. Sometimes, cached data can cause unexpected errors. Clearing the cache and restarting the system can refresh the configurations and potentially resolve the issue.
  5. Seek assistance from your ERP support team: If the above steps do not resolve the issue, it is advisable to reach out to your ERP support team or system administrator. They will have access to your specific system configuration and can provide further assistance and troubleshooting tailored to your environment.

We understand the urgency of resolving this issue, and we are committed to assisting you throughout the process. Please keep us updated on the progress and any further developments. Our support team is available to provide further guidance if needed.

Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are confident that we can find a solution to address this error and ensure smooth operations within your system.