Sales order & Invoice No. series for different location

how can i declare same no series for different location.

for ex: location : A No. series :A01

Location : B No. series :A01

in no. series i have declare relationship for sales order and sales invoice,but whenever going to select new record fro different location, same no. means its showing some error like the record already exits,

its possible to declare same no. series for different location,like voucher no. series.

Location in no way affect which NoSeries is used, moreover, it is not know yet at the moment of creating an Invoice.

Besides, what you wish to achieve - SAME series for all Locs - that is the default behaviour…

please rephrase the above - I didn’t quite catch you here… What did you meant by going to select new record fro different location? New Invoice? New line with diff. Loc in the same Invoice?

Thanks for your reply Ivans.

my customer has different location.

each location customer has maintaining same no series…which is above i mention.

Voucher no. series we can declare different batch name for each we can maintaining separate no. series for each location ,like wise possible to declare in invoice & order.

If you wish to use SEVERAL NoSeries for SO:

Create NoSeries S1, S2,… Sn
Uncheck both Default Nos and Manual Nos for all these NoSeries
Set Relationship for S1 to all other (S2…Sn)
In Sales setup Numbering tab set S1 as series for Order.

When you hit F3-Enter to create New SO, message will say “No aoutonumbering possible bla bla bla” - this is OK and prevents users to enter their own numbers.

Instead, after F3 do not hit Enter, but press three-dot button to the right of No field - form will open for you to select from NoSeries you created S1, S2…Sn

Automatic assignment is not possible here, as Loc is not know - your users need to select the appropriate series as described hereinabove.

thanks Ivans,

already i set this relationships for each location and gave same no. series…but while press f3 we need to select the no. series wat we want.already selected one no. series but i dint post same time am creating another record at that time its showing some message “no. already exists” this i did while choose automatic no. series.

for manual also throwing same message

Update Last Used number in Series / Lines to current values - it is out of sync with real life…

Hi Palpandi,

Just an idea _you can initialize the No. Series field in Sales Header with one according to Location. But to deploy this, you need to change how standard NAV SO works.

Start from Location selection → pass the value (Location Code) to SO form, for it to remember the Location Code throughout SO creation → On SO form OnNewRecord trigger initialize the No. Series field according to the Location Code.

If you want to change the Location, you need to close the SO form and repeat the process again…

Ooh well, it’s easier for you to click that three dots button and select the No. Series after all … [;)]



hi Tony,

Thanks for u r rly.

how can i start from location code,for this we need to do any customization…

Hi Palpandi,

Yes, you will need a customization. Here’s what I will do:

  1. Add a new field in Location table, Sales Order No. Series.
  2. Create a new Location List form (if I don’t want to customize existing form)
  3. Create a Global variable to keep your No. Series in Sales Order form
  4. Create a function to assign gcodeNoSeries in SO form
  5. Create a new function in SO form to initialize the No. Series with gcodeNoSeries. Put this function in OnNewRecord trigger
  6. Back to your Location List form, create a button to open the SO. Don’t forget, before opening the SO form, assign the No. Series by calling the function in #4

This customization won’t harm your existing/standard SO.



I guess you are using IN loc. version.

In IN loc. version, the No. series are related to Locations. If you have different No. Series for each location then you should enter the No. Series code on the Location card, Numbering tab (this is different from W1 Ver.). and you all Location use the same no. series then you should NOT enter on the Location card, but enter the No. series code on the sales & receivables Setup.

So, in you case, leave the fields on the numbering tab on the Location card as blank, and enter the fields on the Sales and Receivables Setup.


Hi Rajib,

Thanks for u r reply,

U r Ans is correct,but first i selected one location no series in sales invoice,i didt post that record,same time am selecting another location no. series means it ill throw some message like "no. already exists"

supose i posted means it ill not throw this error…