Location wise no. series


I have two locations A and B. I have created two no. series for Purchase orders for two locations. Now i want that, when a user of location A logs in to create PO, he wiill get the no. series for A automatically without having to select manually from lookup. How to achieve that. Plz help.

Hi Sourav,

  1. Users must be grouped/linked to the different locations…
    Can be done by adding an extra field to the User Setup-table.

  2. You have to somewhere be able to define the 2 different No-series.
    Can be done by adding new field(s) to the Purchase Setup-table.

  3. You have to modify Navision to handle this.
    Can be done by modifying the functions: TestNoSeries & GetNoSeriesCode, on Purchase Header-table

This should do it