navsion attain 3.60 shadow database?

Hi! we have navision 3.60 (soon 3.70) running with its own database on a windows 2000 server. The Navision database is on 16 disks database1.fd, database2.fdb … (each disk is 8 GB and the navision file is 4 GB - the whole database is 64GB) I have in an other location also a windows 2000 backup server with navision 3.60 (soon 3.70) running. This server should be for emergency only. There I have 1 databse.fdb file with 64GB. I want to have a shadow database on that second server (backup). and that second database should not be more then 1 week - better 1 day behind my original database! Exists there a software which makes a shadow database of my original navision database to a second server on an other location? Or knows somebody an other solution for me? Thanks!

If you want to make every-day backup to another computer, you can reffer to “Navision Server Installation” manual “Making Backups” section. The file is located on the Navision installation disc and is named “w1w1ism.pdf”. Besides you can use Windows standard backup tool or simple batch job.

You can use hotcopy for that task. Target for your hotcopy job is your “shadow”-server. There you should have a batch-file that installs the server-sevice with the 16 databases (server installasservice,database=db1+db2+db3+…). Running 16 database-files on one disk will not be too fast :wink: but sufficient for a emergency-system.


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Or knows somebody an other solution for me?

Use the backup function from the replicator ( No, again, I am NOT related with them. The solution is just great!